Charity Program 2022

On September 17, 2022 3W Logistics visited and gave gifts to more than 100 orphans and children at La Vang Home, Ho Chi Minh City.

Our especially impressive is that all the children are fully fed and educated, from primary, secondary, college, and vocational training, “The children are all given enough education. Many children have special circumstances this school did not accept it, Father asked for another school, and always tried to find a way for all children to go to school”. Perhaps this is the reason why 3W decide to choose La Vang for this charity activity.

At this activity:
– Giving 10 study promotion gifts to the children at the shelter
– Giving gifts and necessities: 300kg of rice, 18 cartons of milk, 25kg of salt, 24kg of sugar, 30 boxes of instant noodles, 24 packages of 900gr seasoning seeds, 24 1L oil pans, 24 bottles of soy sauce, 25 bottles of fish sauce
– Donate the amount: 26,000,000 VND (the amount donated from 3W members and company funds) for living and learning expenses for the children at the shelter
– Have fun and chat with the kids