Our Story

“Since I graduated from college and started working, I alway protected the interests of my customers, always protected the weaker people around, always cherished the dream of creating something different and exist. Therefore, I have always tried my best to become more ready every day to realize my dream by managing a team so that I can implement my ideas and desires to the people next to them including customers and colleagues or employees.

So on a beautiful day with a convincing reason, I decided to establish 3W Logistics company.”

Mr. William – National Managing Director

What Is 3W Stand For?

After working for 10 years in the Logistics – Freight forwarding industry, I have worked with many foreign customers such as Hong Kong, UK, France, USA, Spain, Canada, China, Korea… so I realized is that I have the ability to work and be present in many parts of the world to bring better service to customers than what they are currently receiving. So when founding the company, I suddenly thought of the word Worldwide – this word is close to what I am doing. At the same time, my English name is William has also been trusted by many customers, from the commitments that William has brought, so I suddenly thought of William Worldwide Logistics, but perhaps there is still something else. It was a bit long and difficult to remember, so I changed it to Will Worldwide Logistics with 2 overlapping meanings “Will – will” and “Will in William” but still found it long and finally chose 3 W letters to name it 3W. Logistics Co., Ltd – it’s as simple as that!”

Mr. William – National Managing Director

“We Here Serve You There”

Our motto is “We here serve you there“. With us, geographic distance is no longer an obstacle. No matter where you are, just tell us what you need and give us your shipment, we are here to serve the most convenience.


For those who work with 3W

Our Mission & Vision


3W's mission is to give customers better value than they are getting from their current supplier. Bring them more convenience, remove the geographical distance, give them a better solution in terms of cost, and quality of service, and make them feel more served, and more comfortable when selecting a service provider.


Trust to be trusted. We always put our full trust in our suppliers, the same way customers trust us. That is also how we build long-term and quality cooperation relationships


3W's mission is to create a healthy, loving working environment, with many opportunities for skill and personal development.


3W aim to fair competition for the needs of customers and contribute to eliminating those who have a business philosophy that goes against the needs of customers.

Our Culture

We’ve created a culture that is defining the future of freight.

We believe in the power of a positive work environment. That’s why we foster a sense of community across the organization.

“Always treat each person like a customer”

This is always what we pursue when building our culture